Operator’s Licence Compliance Training

Course duration: 1 Day

Offering all up-to-date legislations and requirements with practical examples and systems, along with receiving your very own toolkit. Also demonstrating practical methods of how to protect your Operator’s Licence.


  • Service schedule template and system (frequency of inspections)
  • Maintenance assessment (for suitability)
  • Safety inspection documents (what to look for and why)
  • Filing system (what documents to file and why)
  • Pre-use driver checks (driver training doc, areas of responsibility and system)
  • Defect reporting (driver training doc, areas of responsibility and system)
  • Wheel safety management (system and template logs)

Operator Licence

  • Licence info (what info to check and why)
  • Notifiable changes (what, why and how)
  • Guidelines (what guidelines are available and where to find them)

Driver Hours

  • Tachograph analysis (what to check and corrective process)
  • WTD Hours (how to log and use the info and manage)
  • Work Allocation (formatting journey/shift plans and what info)

Driver Checks

  • Tacho cards (process for checking and managing driver cards)
  • DCPC cards (what to check and how)
  • Driving licence (how to check and when)
  • Lost cards (process for last cards)
  • Other work (process and documents for managing temps)

Operator Licence Awareness

  • Operator/Licence Holder (declaration and responsibilities)
  • Transport Manager (declaration and responsibilities)

£590.00 + VAT per delegate

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